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Day Trip to Tresco

Of the 5 inhabited islands in Scilly Tresco is quite different from the rest. it is largely a resort Island with less of a local community, but it is also a beautiful island in it's own right.

This year the Agapanthus are a stunning sight amongst the dunes on the southern end of the islands. Along with the more traditional heathers and other wild flowers they really do make a fabulous canvas.

The Tresco Abbey Gardens are always worth a visit, even if you are not an avid gardener. The planting and vistas are quite unlike any other gardens I know.

As well as the plants you are also likely to see Red Squirrels. These were introduced recently to the islands by Prince Charles. The island was chosen for the lack of predators that the squirrels will face and will so give them a potential stronghold. The plan is not without it's critics and it is somewhat ironic that at the same time that this non endemic species was introduced, efforts were being made to eradicate another introduced rodent (the rat) from elsewhere on the islands.

Another introduced species is regularly seen in the gardens. The Golden Pheasant is a spectacular bird from China although it is not at its best at this time of year.

Tresco has plenty of fabulous beaches and its easy to find a spot to yourself even on a busy day.

The boat trip back to St Mary's is always an adventure and is often enhanced by the sight of visiting boats. This three masted tall ship at anchor outside of St Mary's Harbour is the 'Bellam', a french training ship that frequently visits the islands during the summer months. It really is a spectacular sight if you are lucky enough to see it under full sail.

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