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A walk on Bryher

A warm if somewhat overcast day, neap tides and light winds, where better to go than Bryher. Well actually anywhere in Scilly but we fancied a day a Bryher. We landed near to Church Quay and walked around the southern end of the Island to Rushey Bay with hardly a soul in sight.

Continuing around the coastal path with a quick go in the stone maze, or is it a labyrinth? and on to Hell Bay Hotel for a cappuccino. We arrived at lunch time and could have been tempted but not today with crab sandwiches waiting for us once at suitable picnic spot.

A rocky outcrop could have fitted the bill but we went on and enjoyed a mosey in Richard Pearce's Gallery in the beach side shed.

We eventually settled on the beach and found a spot overlooking Tresco Chanel where we had the beach to ourselves. Oh what a lovely day.

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