Smart Energy Islands

We are proud to be taking part in the Smart  Energy Islands Project. The project is led by Hitachi Europe Ltd and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the Isles of Scilly Smart Islands Programme.


The Isles of scilly is unique in some of the logistical problems it faces. This currently results in such things as a high carbon footprint with low renewable energy production on the islands, high electrical use and poor recycling. The Smart Islands Project intends to address these issues and demonstrate how a community such as ours can be transformed into a low - carbon, sustainable and resilient community.


As part of our involvement in the project we have:

  • Had our property surveyed to establish how we can reduce our carbon impact and we will endevor to carry out any recommendations

  • We are in the process of moving to modern, low energy LED lighting

  • We line dry all washing

  • A tablet is available in the cottage for you to monitor your electrical consumption in real time

  • We will continue to look for ways to reduce our impact and invite guest to comment and make suggestions